Why Thailand

Thailand’s Electronic Sector: Bustling with business opportunities

Thailand’s electronic and electrical components sector is a USD 60 billion market which has been thriving and growing exponentially for the last three decades. 

One of the major contributors to the nation’s economy, the electronic components sector in Thailand is a leading manufacturer of hard disk drives, digital components, microwaves, air conditioners, semiconductors, TVs, cameras and other household appliances. The automotive electronics sub-segment is also another lucrative market and has provided incredible opportunities for investments in a global market scenario which is projected to reach a mark of USD 244 billion by 2015. Additionally, the country ranks as the second largest in global export market of integrated circuits or IC. 

The government currently is focusing on developing specific segments of this wide market spectrum, especially in consumer electronics, LCD display panels, lead frames and IC design segments. 

There is great potential for further foreign investment in this space, especially in the HDD value-chain. Thailand is the world leader in the production of HDDs, yet many components like semiconductor devices, transistors, and diodes are still imported, leaving an opening for more foreign direct investment and further opportunity for local manufacture. 

Thailand is growing to be a strong contender in the printed circuit board (PCB) sector & is well on its way to becoming one of the major players in the Asia Pacific after Japan, Taiwan and South Korea and the largest in Southeast Asia for this product having just tipped out Singapore.  

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